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Ritual Mammets: A Temporal Encounter Major Final Project Mammets (Catacomb), 2018 Sara Jayne Harris detail from Mammet (Atchin'-tan), 2018 Sara Jayne Harris In preparation of my forthcoming MA Fine Art Show (28th Aug - 1st Sept, UCA Farnham) I have been toiling over the display of my recent Mammet series now that these figures have evolved and burgeoned into scaled, anthropomorphisms. The turning point in my research project was when I visited Blain Southern Gallery, London in July, and was struck by the ingenious assemblages by the american artist Edward Kienholz (see post 20/07/18). The eclectic use of materials seemed to generate an aesthetic which held my attention. The combination of found materials and their embedded histories is a formula which could be applied to my artworks. The balance of found objects and applied material forms, keeping to a limited palette of colours and textures, brought the works to life. Material substitution for figurative forms becam

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